We are thrilled to offer the most diverse range of styles in our region. We strongly encourage dancers to take as many different styles as possible in order to get the most they can from their dance education. We also encourage all of our students to take ballet as it is the foundation of all other dance styles. We schedule our timetable as conveniently as possible for each grade to be able to take multiple styles but it isn't always possible that each grade can take every style each year. Our classes are capped at 12 students per class resulting in a high standard of education. The Studio is also a provider for Active & Creative Kids Vouchers.

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An essential class for all little girls and boys who love to dance, move and explore the world!


This well-structured class will give your child coordination, strength, flexibility, musicality, body and spatial awareness, while learning the very basic foundations of classical dance.

These classes are limited to 12 students to keep a productive learning environment where everyone gets personal attention.


All of our ballet classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Syllabus.

All our ballet classes focus on developing core strength, flexibility, musicality, physical coordination and use of lines, as well as physical and mental discipline, confidence and grace.

These are beautiful skills to have for life no matter what your level, age or inspiration. Ballet is the perfect companion to every dance style.

All RAD students who attend 2 classes a week will be offered the possibility to participate in yearly examinations. 

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Learn to move with style, speed, flexibility and strength to your favourite songs! Jazz dance helps dancers use their body in sharp and flexible movements.


Every term you will learn a new short routine and work on fundamental skills all in a fun & safe environment.


Experience the triple threat life in this fun and uplifting class. You will learn song lyrics and practice your singing while dancing a routine and acting the song's storyline. From Annie to Matilda, Mary Poppins or even Les Miserables, the children will leave this class with stars in their eyes being taught by true musical stage professionals.


This class is best complemented by another dance technique class to improve your child's confidence faster. Ballet, jazz or tap are ideal.

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A grounding and freeing style of dance that includes free-flow movements, connection and use of the floor in the dance context, and guided improvisations.


A fabulous class to improve the deep core strength, use of space in dance, and quick movement memory.


Aerial hoop also known as Lyra, combines the art of dance with circus skills. Using flexibility, strength and grace, our students learn basic aerial training, along with safety as a priority and strengthening programs to make sure they get the most out of learning this new and impressive skill.



Fun hip-hop class for boys and girls from 5 years old to adult. You will learn fun moves and dance routines to practice at home.

Note: All songs lyrics are checked to remain as appropriate as possible for the younger children.


 A fun and energetic class for all. The teacher will follow the LGTDA syllabus (Les Griffith Tap Dancing Association) which is the same used by the famous Tap Dogs!


This class is a perfect complement Musical Theatre.
Note: tap shoes are available for order from our store.

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Acrobatics class follows the official "Acrobatics Arts" curriculum. This class is run by a fully trained Acrobatic Arts teacher with years of experience. The children will learn acrobatic techniques and combinations that will help them bring more control into their dancing. 

Acro examinations are an option for all Acro students.


Fun classes for all adults willing to reconnect to their love for dance or start something new and fun this year! All adult classes are for beginners and are uniform-free.


Simply join us wearing your favourite sportswear!

Group training in a gym of a fitness cen
Stretch with Block


Stretch and  strength is great for both children and adults.


Targeted to help with flexibility, strength & injury prevention. Come in and work with us today!


The Studio also offers private lessons, we understand that not all students are suited to a group class environment. If you feel that your child would benefit from private lessons please contact us to discuss this further.

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The Studio also offers dance classes in Barraba. Classes in Barraba currently run on a Friday. Please email us for more information at





Our part-time program in classical ballet is for high school aged students who are accepted on an audition basis. These students also lead our annual production of the Nutcracker each year.

Students are accepted into this program based on many factors including but not limited to:

  1. Work ethic

  2. Attitude towards self, teachers, others, class and the studio

  3. Current classical technique

  4. Technical potential

  5. Passion for dance

  6. Commitment

  7. A desire to improve as a dancer

This program is an essential stepping-stone for all dancers wanting to pursue a career in dance.

Past graduates have been accepted into the The MacDonald College, Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching, The National College of Dance, The Conlan College, Queensland University of Technology and Premiere Elite.


Our part-time program in musical theatre is for high school aged students who are accepted on an audition basis. These students train to sing, dance and act and a true triple threats.

Students are accepted into this program based on many factors including but not limited to:

  1. Work ethic

  2. Attitude towards self, teachers, others, class and the studio

  3. Vocal ability and potential

  4. Acting ability and potential

  5. Dance ability and potential

  6. Passion for performing arts

  7. Commitment

  8. A desire to improve as a singer, dancer and actor

This program is an essential stepping-stone for all students wanting to pursue a career in the performing arts.

These students perform at many local events throughout the year.



 Our performance companies are for our most committed students and families who are interested in making dance their priority sport of choice all year round. These groups travel and compete at some of Australia's toughest dance competitions as well as represent our school at many local events.


Students must audition for this group and selection is made based on many factors. Performance company students work hard in class and at home in their free time, they also give up many holidays and weekends. 


Our performance companies are our representative teams; Petite Performance Company, Mini Performance Company, Junior Performance Company and Senior Performance Company. Keep an eye out for our students at many local Tamworth events. 



At The Studio we grade our students on ability and not on age. All students learn and improve at their own rate and grading by ability allows all students to get the most out of their dance education.

Our grades are as follows:

  • Twinkle Stars: approximately 3-4 years old

  • Pre-Primary

  • Primary

  • Grade 1

  • Grade 2

  • Grade 3

  • Grade 4

  • Grade 5

  • Grade 6

  • Intermediate Foundation

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced 

  • Adults



The Studio tuition is paid automatically online on the first day of each month from your secure

STUDIO Centre account. Fees do not increase in longer terms, so there are no surprise fees for you and your family. The tuition fees are paid 12 months a year and include: 

GST, insurance fee, registration fee, annual concert costume hire and of course tuition.

Term payments are split into 3 regular monthly payments to ease parent's cash-flow. Tuition is due by the 10th of each month. Students may not be granted access to class if fees are not paid on time. You may deposit credits onto your account and maintain a positive balance on your STUDIO Centre account.

  • Term 1: January, February, March

  • Term 2: April, May, June

  • Term 3: July, August, September

  • Term 4: October, November, December

Direct Deposit: Families who do not own a credit or debit card are able to pay via direct deposit.

However, they must pay the term in full within the first ten days of each term. (By January 10th for term 1, etc.)     Please request the direct deposit option only in rare occurrences.

Refunds and credits are not given for classes missed by students.

The monthly tuition is calculated based on the number of classes attended each week.



  • $46 – Per month for 1 class a week ($138 per term) Twinkle Stars ONLY

  • $61 – Per month for 1 class a week ($183 per term)

  • $122 – Per month for 2 classes a week ($366 per term)

  • $172– Per month for 3 classes a week ($516 per term)

  • $202– Per month for 4 classes a week ($606 per term)

  • $232 – Per month for 5 classes a week ($696 per term)

  • $252 – Per month for 6 classes a week ($756 per term)

  • $272 – Per month for 7 classes a week ($816 per term)

  • $292– Per month for 8 classes a week ($876 per term)

  • $312 – Per month for 9 classes a week ($936 per term)

  • $332 – Per month for 10 classes a week ($996 per term)

  • $347 – Per month for 11 classes a week ($1041 per term)

  • $362 – Per month for 12 classes a week ($1086 per term)


  • $21 – per month for 1 30 minute class a week ($63 per term)

  • $28.50 - Per month for 1 45 minute class a week ($85.50 per term)

  • $36 - Per month for 1 60 minute class a week ($108 per term)

Please note that if you join The Studio during any term that is after the first monthly payment for that term is due, a pro-rata will be added to your first monthly payment for the amount of weeks you have attended. 

ADULTS TUITION (Tamworth Studio only)

Try something new this year! We currently offer adults ballet & tap. 

Adult fees are as follows:

Parents of existing students

  • $25 per month for one class a week ($75 per term)

  • $50 per month for unlimited classes ($150 per term)

Adults without a child at The Studio

  • $59 per month for one class a week ($177 per term)

  • $69 per month for unlimited classes ($207 per term)